Amateur Radio World DXCC Map (Wall Map)
-size 98x68cm
-printed on 150 grm/sq.m paper stock, Glossy finished 
- Edition June'2016 (included last ARRL DXCC coutry list)
-CQ Zones
-Capital cities
-Big cities of some countries

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World Map 2016 copyright












Delivering in round plastic tube, which save the risk the map to be destroyed during the transportation.


1 map: 8 EUR + 7 EUR shipping = TOTAL 15 EUR

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1 map: 9 USD + 9 USD shipping = TOTAL 18 USD

2-5 maps: 9 USD (each map) + 15 USD shipping

6-10 maps: 9 USD (each map) + 23 USD shipping

10+ maps: 9 USD (each map) + FREE SHIPPING

50+ maps: please contact us

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